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Demand for blockchain developers is rising. Understand Enterprise Blockchain Implementation with a focus on Linux Foundation's Hyperledger Fabric, the most used Enterprise grade Framework globally. This is the most comprehensive Hyperledger learning experience available.

For Software Developers & Technical Project Managers | 42 Hours

8 Weeks, Part-Time
Sundays 10:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
Sunday, February 24, 2019
In-Person (Santa Clara, CA) or Online
2+ Years Software Engineering Experience or
Recent Computer Science Graduate

Why This Program Should
Matter to You ?

As more and more companies look to upgrade their legacy software and processes, opportunities continue to arise for skilled developers to implement Hyperledger-based solutions within the context of existing businesses. This course is the first in-person Hyperledger Bootcamp of it's kind, built by professionals currently building the software with help from IBM itself. With new-found experience in a rapidly growing industry sector, you will benefit from serious first-to-market opportunities to advance your career as a blockchain & Hyperledger developer.

Advance your career at global enterprise leaders like

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Santa Clara, CA, and Online Anywhere

Become Enterprise Job Ready

Learn the exact techniques and tools Developers are using in the real-world to manage supply chains, disrupt industries, and establish more efficient business processes

Master Hyperledger Fabric

Learn how to maximize the potential of plug-and-play consensus mechanisms and a modular architecture.

Deploy Chain Code

Develop and deploy business logic to the network using Chain Code. Learn how to distribute and access information selectively.

Develop Using Industry-Grade Tools

Familiarize yourself with the tools of the trade, including Composer, Explorer, Chain Code, Kafka Os, and Go lang testing.

Hyperledger Developer Certification

Earn your stripes upon completion of our certification exam, which is recognized by key players across the industry. Gain access to exclusive career opportunities through The DEN and our Partners.

Build Your Portfolio

Develop your reputation as a Enterprise Blockchain expert and build your experience while completing projects based on real-world situations. Leave with a portfolio of work you can showcase to potential employers.

Join Our Alumni Network

Network with Industry professionals, attend exclusive events, and continue to develop your projects with The DEN's guidance and expertise.


  • Weeks
    1 - 2
  • Weeks
    3 - 4
  • Weeks
    4 - 8

Hyperledger Fabric, DLT's, and Enterprise Use Cases

Dive into the fundamentals of Hyperledger and what makes it so attractive to existing enterprises. Cover the pros and cons of potential uses cases, analyze live implementations from companies like Walmart and Southwest Airlines, and navigate the challeneges you will face on every Hyperleger project you develop.

What you'll build:

• Public vs. private blockchain experience
• Hyperledger project architecture

Hyperledger Native Setup & Development

Learn how to conceptualize, develop, and deploy a Hyperledger Fabric business solution from start to finish. Master the tools of the trade, implement business logic using chain code, and setup your development environment for production-level deployments.

What you'll build:

• Supply-chain Hyperledger Fabric Application from scratch

Collab Labs

The real fun begins upon completion of the instructional portion of our program. Collab Labs is your opportunity to showcase to potential employers, co-founders, and most importantly yourself that you are passionate and skilled in blockchain and decentralized technology. We create an environment for you to gain experience working on live blockchain projects, with real potential and real implications. Work with an array of captivating blockchain projects from entrepreneurs from our Blockchain for Business Programs & our network, and use your skills to contribute to the greater community. Along with our expertise in blockchain career support and your growing portfolio of industry work, Collab Labs becomes your lauch-pad to a successful career in the blockchain industry.

What you'll build:

• Blockchain Dev experience and a portfolio of work
• Industry connections
• Confidence in blockchain technology and your career aspirations

What One Of Our
Is Saying?

"Walmart is one of the biggest players in the Hyperledger Fabric place, Walmart is planning to use Hyperledger Fabric to track all of its produce in the supply chain with its IOT devices, RIFD scanners, etc other retail/supply chain technology. If Walmart insists that it is going full hyperledger fabric, then its suppliers would have to follow or risk losing one of the biggest buyer of produce."

Koushik Gavani
CTO & Software Engineer | Rettex & Khols R&D

Advance Your Career

This program was built in collaboration with leaders in the blockchain industry to ensure you learn from real-world experience.

Become A Certified Hyperledger Developer
Upon completion, you will receive a certification backed by The DEN and our partners that proves you are a cut above the rest in the blockchain space.
Join Our Collab Labs (C-Labs)
Connect with Blockchain entrepreneurs from our programs and collaborate on building out your initial Proof-of-Concept while contributing to your portfolio.
Join a Thriving
Alumni Network
Gain entry into an exlusive community of blockchain companies, entrepreneurs, potential co-founders, and skilled developers who are looking to make an impact.

Office Hours with our Experts-in-Residence

Connect directly with our Experts-in-Residence, an elite group of professional Blockchain Developers working in a wide range of industries. In moderated office hour sessions, you’ll get actionable insights and guidance that will support your progress through the program, and help you prepare you for a successful blockchain career.


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Find the right tuition plan for you

Placement Based Plan

Our most popular plan. Tuition is only owed once you're hired in a job making at least fifty-thousand dollars in total compensation

  • Initial Payment : $0
    Refundable Deposit : $500
    After Placement : 5% *1st years salary
  • Total Owed (If Not Placed) $0
  • Total Owed (Once Placed)5% *1st years salary capped at $8,000

Upfront Plan

Our most affordable plan. We offer financing company,to make our programs more accessible

  • Initial Payment $2,500
  • Total Owed (Once Placed) $0

Financing Option

  • Finance your tution for as low as:

    (Only $1,250/mo for 2 months)

Streamline your path to success.

Top Blockchain companies and industry experts guide our curriculum.




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