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Skills & Tools

Understand the blockchain from a business perspective. Build actionable product plans, spot technical difficulties, and learn how to maximize your hiring potential.

Production Standard

Analyze successful blockchain solutions, cryptocurrencies, and ICO's, and learn how the experts handle product and regulatory hurdles in your industry.

The Big Picture

Survey the Blockchain landscape with confidence and make informed, actionable decisions that will prime your business for massive, lasting success.

What You'll Learn


Master the fundamentals of Blockchain so you can confidently discuss the technology and articulate its pros & cons to your organization.


Personalize your experience and discuss real-world use-cases in and around your industry, as well as the implications of implementing Blockchain-based solutions now and into the future.


Hone in on the key skills star developers will need to bring your project to life, and how to build a winning team.


Develop actionable product plans based on your strengths to execute quickly and effectively. Navigate the ever-evolving regulatory landscape in the ICO market and take an agile approach to your business.


Learn how to trade and invest in the cryptocurrency markets from qualified experts and avoid the common (costly) pitfalls investors have made storing and transacting their coins.