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Skills & Tools

Master Solidity, Remix, Truffle, Parity, Mist, MetaMask, and many more tools at your disposal.

Production Standard

Gain first-hand experience from experts in the Blockchain industry and learn what separates top-level developers from the rest.

The Big Picture

Transform your career, increase your earning potential, and make your own waves in the Decentralized Ecosystem as it disrupts global industries.



Learn the basics of a Solidity Smart Contract and how to follow industry standards to keep your Contracts safe & secure. Cover the Ethereum Virtual Machine, Events, and basic Syntax.


Gain experience utilizing the many different methods Blockchain developers use to code, test, and deploy Smart Contracts. Understand where each fits into the development cycle, and where they excel. Master Remix, Truffle, Mist, Oracles, Web.3, Quorum's Cakeshop IDE, and other Tools & Frameworks.


Draw connections with hands-on projects that provide Blockchain-based solutions to real-world problems. Understand the inherent value of distributed ledgers while gaining experience coding an RFID reader, permissioned Supply-Chain DApp, and more.


Apply your new experience on the Ethereum Blockchain to Quorum, it's Permissioned cousin. Learn how to utilize the differences and additional features provided by governance and permission controls, and gain the ablility to implement the most popular form of Blockchain technology for existing enterprises and consortiums.


Deploy your own personal private blockchain so you can create a controlled test environment with others, and use it to evaluate your own contracts. Fork the Ethereum Blockchain so you can set your own protocols.


Graduate from our program and recieve an Official Blockchain Developer Certification, backed by The DEN & all of our partners. Leverage exclusive access to our growing Alumni Network, and use your new skills to get placed into a Blockchain company or project that excites you and fulfills your career goals.