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Learn how Blockchain tech will impact your everyday life
BLK101 : Introduction to Public & Permissioned Blockchains

Dive into the inner workings of a Blockchain and understand why the technology has the potential to change the world. Compare Public & Permissioned Blockchains, and learn why companies like JP Morgan, IBM, Intel, and Facebook are devoting resources to research and develop their own Blockchain solutions. Analyze different use cases in multiple industries and aquaint yourself with successful companies currently putting Blockchain technology into action.

ETH101 : Intro to Ethereum & Smart Contracts

Ethereum and Smart Contracts were developed to be "The World's Computer". They allow transations of information and value to be executed in a trustless, decentralized environment, thus removing middle-men and streamlining the way we interact with each other digitally. Dive into the Ethereum Blockchain, interact with your first Smart Contract, and explore use cases for Decentralized Applications (DApps)

BTC101 : Intro to Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

Dive into the theory of money and exchange, and how Bitcoin is disrupting our current banking system. Learn how to buy & send digital currency with your peers and trade on coin exchanges. Learn the fundamental technologies and jargon behind Bitcoin, such as how peer-to-peer networks function, the role miners play in transactions, centralized vs. decentralized systems, and the many disruptive use cases spawned by successful ICO's over the past 2 years.