Blockchain For Business Leaders

Learn the skills needed to apply Blockchain technology to your industry and build impactful, elegant solutions for both existing and developing problems. Accelerate your product idea and walk away with the confidence to start assembling a team.

For Entrepreneurs & Business Professionals


The Mini-Accelerator for your Blockchain Idea

Minimize your learning curve, Maximize Your success


5-Day Lunchtime Workshop | San Francisco & Fremont, CA


Blockchain 101:
Master the fundamentals of Distributed Ledgers


Launching Your Idea:
Architect Smart Contract Workflows & Tokenomics


Packaging Your Idea:
Recruiting Blockchain Developers


Real-World Use Cases:
Whiteboard Successful Blockchain projects


The Business of Blockchain, Regulation, & ICO's


Pitch Your Product to the World

Learn how to bring Blockchain Products to Life

Built for Entrepreneurs & Executives, work in a focused group of peers and develop actionable knowledge about Blockchain, Smart Contracts, and their use-cases

Decentralize Your Thought Process

Master the fundamentals of Blockchain and Distributed ledgers from the perspective of a business.

Utilize Smart contracts

You don't need to know how to code to utilize smart contracts to disrupt every major global industry.

Navigate Blockchain Regulation

Get the most up-to-date information on SEC and other important regulations so you can set your product up for long-term compliance.

Develop Your Idea

Learn if and why your idea can benefit from Blockchain. Get personalized instruction on how your product can be built.

Pinpoint & Hire Top Developers

Uncover the exact skills and qualifications you'll need in a technical team to create your individual concept.

Build Your Business Strategy

Learn how to make better strategic business decisions while working in the context of Blockchain and Decentralization

What are Our Students

"I gained a better understanding of how simple something like a Smart Contract is, as well as specific terminology and use-cases around it. It put me in a position where I had to come up with an idea for my business that everyone seemed to think was good, which was the best thing to come out of the course"

Dawn Pinkney
GM | OkLet'sPlay

Focus on solving real problems, not lectures & hypotheticals.

Top tech companies and industry experts guide our curriculum.



Instruction Time

10 Hours

We're here to help you create the next big thing in Blockchain

Break into the industry today

Stuff People Ask Us...

Frequently Asked Questions

How do set up a time to speak with a DEN team member?

You can schedule a time to connect with us on the phone by following the link here. We also run in-person info sessions for our Bootcamps on Wednesdays at our Fremont location!

When is the next course?

This course runs Monday - Friday from 12PM-2PM during lunchtime.

You can view our upcoming course schedule here.

Where are courses held?

Courses are held in person at our Headquarters in Fremont, CA or at a partner location in San Francisco, Palo Alto, or Los Angeles.

Is this program right for me?

We've had senior level developers, executives, Founders and curious entreprenuers from across the Bay Area and beyond take our courses and go on to make amazing strides in the Blockchain space. If your goal is to make an exciting career shift into this hot new industry, then you will be in good company. Our introductory workshops are designed to bring interested people up to speed on the intricacies of Blockchain and decentralized tech quickly, while our bootcamps are strategically built to put motivated individuals on the fast track to making a measurable impact in their endeavors.

Are there any prerequisites for joining this workshop?

Basic understanding of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies is preffered, but not required. Come with at least a basic idea of a product or solution you would like to build using Blockchain.

How is "Build Blockchain Products" different from other courses?

Our workshop designed to provide developers with the highest quality information and training in the most efficient way possible. That means:

● In-person courses only
● Learn directly from industry experts
● Focus on real-world examples and applications
● Personalized attention & small class sizes (limit 10 students)
● Collaborative projects to solidify your knowledge and work in a team
● Certification backed by The DEN and our partners
● Continued access to our Alumni Network, hiring partners, and weekly coding sessions

What can I do with my new skills upon completion of the workshop?

Our workshop is designed to provide business professionals and entrepreneurs with the highest quality information and training in the most efficient way possible. That means you will be able to:

● Network with others in the Blockchain space with a deep understanding of the technology and its benefits
● Analyze and understand blockchain applications in various industries
● Develop a product or application roadmap for your business utilizing the blockchain
● Apply standard legal frameworks and knowledge of the Blockchain space to create an fundraising roadmap for your product or service
● Hire blockchain developers confidently knowing you will have the expertise to get your project up and running

Hiring Partners

We work directly with existing Blockchain companies and specialized recruiting firms to give you opportunities you won't have access to anywhere else.

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