Blockchain Professional Developer Bootcamp

Master coding Smart Contracts in Solidity & deploy DApps to public and private Ethereum Blockchains. Spend 6 full days learning from industry experts and gaining all of the tools and experience you will need to build a career in the booming Blockchain Ecosystem.

For Developers & Software Engineers


$0 in tuition until you're hired

We believe in our product, so we put our money where our mouth is.


Six Day Developer Bootcamp | San Francisco & Fremont, CA


Ethereum Foundations & Basics of Solidity


Smart Contract Pitfalls, Testing and Debugging


To The Moon:
Integrations, innovation, and future


Writing & Building Secure Smart Contracts


Connecting the Blockchain
to the Real World:
Web3 & Truffle


Certification Exam & Hackathon

Become a Blockchain Developer

Learn the exact techniques and tools Developers are using in the real-world to create tokens, disrupt industries, and innovate in the Blockchain Industry

Master Ethereum & Solidity

Learn syntax, browser-based IDE Remix, the EVM, security best-practices, and apply them all to structured labs and activities.

Deploy Smart Contracts

Create and deploy your own token contracts, libraries, and DApps to a live Blockchain, then interact with them with your peers.

Develop Using Industry-Grade Tools

Familiarize yourself with the tools of the trade, including the Truffle Suite, Open Zeppelin, and the Web3 Framework.

Blockchain Developer Certification

Earn your stripes upon completion of our certification exam, which is recognized by key players across the industry. Gain access to exclusive career opportunities through The DEN and our Partners.

Build Your Portfolio

Put yourself in the shoes of a Blockchain Developer and build your experience while completing projects based on real-world situations. Leave with a portfolio of work you can showcase to potential employers.

Join Our Alumni Network

Network with Industry professionals, attend exclusive events, and continue to develop your projects with The DEN's guidance and expertise.

What are Our

"Product managers and the business side of a company tend to live in the logic, so understanding the limitations and capabilities of Smart Contracts was really helpful. I was able to absorb aspects of the Ethereum platform that I feel I would have missed or had trouble internalizing without the support of the instructor and my classmates around me."

Yyvette Romero
Product Manager | Bitcasas

Streamline your path to success.

Top Blockchain companies and industry experts guide our curriculum.



No Risk Option

8% of 1st Year

We believe in your success

No upfront cost for qualified applicants

Stuff People Ask Us...

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up a time to speak with a DEN team member?

You can schedule a time to connect with us on the phone by following the link here. We also run in-person info sessions for our Bootcamps on Wednesdays at our Fremont location!

When is the application deadline?

Bootcamp applications must be submitted at least five days before the class begins. We want to make sure we can help you reach your goals through our program.

When is the next course?

You can view our upcoming course schedule here.

Where are courses held?

Onsite: At our office in Fremont, CA or at a partner location in San Francisco or Palo Alto. The Fremont address of our headquarters can be found at the bottom of this page. We currently run workshops most Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the Bay area, and typically run weekend workshops in San Francisco.

Is this program right for me?

We've had senior level developers, executives, Founders and curious entreprenuers from across the Bay Area and beyond take our courses and go on to make amazing strides in the Blockchain space. If your goal is to make an exciting career shift into this hot new industry, then you will be in good company. Our introductory workshops are designed to bring interested people up to speed on the intricacies of Blockchain and decentralized tech quickly, while our bootcamps are strategically built to put motivated individuals on the fast track to making a measurable impact in their endeavors.

Are there any prerequisites for joining this camp?

Previous development experience is highly recommended, especially in languages like Python, Java, and Javascript. Basic understanding of blockchains, ethereum, and smart contracts is recommended. See our intro classes for details.

What is the application process like for our Blockchain Professional Developer Bootcamp?

Our goal is to help everyone we work with find the path to a Blockchain-based career that truly motivates them. After applying online here, we'll review your engineering background and any portfolio materials you provide. We then compare your information with that of recent hires and direct feedback we receive from our Blockchain hiring network. If we don't think you'd get enough traction with your current portfolio or level of experience, we'll give you actionable information about how you can best prepare to get the most out of our program and find success once you finish. If you qualify, we will conduct a non-technical interview with you either over the phone or in person to further ensure you will be able to get the most out of our program.

How much does the Developer Bootcamp cost?

We have 2 payment plans to cover a wider range of applicants:

1. $0 upfront + 8% of your first year's salary paid over 4 months after starting your job.*
2. $2500 upfront.

Much in the spirit of decentralization, we want to incentivize each other to create amazing outcomes for everyone who goes through our program. Option one allows us to lower the barrier to entry into the lucrative and exciting field of Blockchain development for anyone who has the prerequisite skills and desire to learn. Although we're taking a risk when reducing our upfront fee, this ensures that those seeking employment in the Blockchain space will have the entire DEN team rallying behind their best interests. Option 2 allows entrepreneurs and currently employed people to take advantage of the knowledge gained during our program.

*This option is only available to current job seekers who do not require work authorization in the Blockchain space. Our experience is that our course more than pays for itself when the target jobs we place our graduates into often fetch 10-20% higher salaries than a comparable non-Blockchain based position.

How is the Developer Bootcamp different from other courses?

Our bootcamp is designed to provide developers with the highest quality information and training in the most efficient way possible. That means:

● In-person courses only
● Learn directly from industry experts
● Focus on real-world examples and applications
● Personalized attention & small class sizes (limit 15 students)
● Collaborative projects to solidify your knowledge and work in a team
● Certification backed by The DEN and our partners
● Continued access to our Alumni Network, hiring partners, and weekly coding sessions

What can I do with my new skills upon completion of the bootcamp?

Our bootcamp is designed to provide developers with the highest quality information and training in the most efficient way possible. That means:

● Code smart contracts in Solidity
● Connect the blockchain to a front end using Web3
● Run and test smart contracts in multiple development environments
● Deploy your own private blockchain
● Deploy fully functioning live ​DA​ pps
● Build permissioned solutions on Quorum
● Get a job as a smart contract developer.

Hiring Partners

We work directly with existing Blockchain companies and specialized recruiting firms to give you opportunities you won't have access to anywhere else.

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