Become a Leader in Blockchain

Blockchain technology is on the cusp of driving sweeping changes across various established industries. In this program you will learn how to apply the technology to your business and make strategic decisions that result in impactful blockchain solutions. Spend 2 full days mastering the fundamentals of a blockchain business application, dissecting real-world case studies, and formulating a plan with our experts for your project.

For Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs | 2 Days

Why do Businesses need to
Understand Blockchain?

The world's greatest companies are often extremely effective at consistently iterating and innovating on their processes and their products. This allows them to not only lead their respective industries, but to gain a competitive edge as new technologies continue to emerge. Web 1.0 shook up entire industries, and created trillions of dollars in opportunities for business in the process. The same can be said for the adoption of cloud computing in the mid 2000's. With the introduction of blockchain technology, the next revolution is here. We can help you capitalize on it.

Over 90% of surveyed Fortune 500 executives state they have plans to integrate blockchain tech in the near future

Unlock untapped potenial in your business

Cover everything from the fundamentals of blockchain to live successful implementations across multiple industries.

Master Blockchain Fundamentals

Familiarize yourself with Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum, Smart Contracts, and more as they pertain to businesses.

Study Cryptocurrencies and Tokenomics

Learn how economics drive incentive models and encourage parties in a network to keep it secure and produce desired outcomes.

Survey the Regulatory Environment

Stay current with existing and upcoming laws and understand how they will shape your strategy.

Discuss Blockchain Business Models

Cover the differences between models based on cryptocurrencies, tokenized assets, and more. Discover where there is room for innovation.

Consider Scalability and Security

Learn how to balance the trilemma of current distributed technologies for your use case: Decentralization, Salability, and Security.

Design Strategies Around Industry Scenarios

Develop problem-solving techniques specific to working within a decentralized environment with your peers.

Advance Your Career

This program was built in collaboration with leaders in the blockchain industry to ensure you learn from real-world experience.

Become Blockchain Certified
Upon completion, you will receive a certification backed by The DEN and our partners that proves you are a cut above the rest in the blockchain space.
Blockchain Residency Program
Connect with Blockchain Developers from our Bootcamps and collaborate on building out your initial Proof-of-Concept while contributing to their portfolio.
Join a Thriving Alumni Network
Gain entry into an exlusive community of blockchain companies, entrepreneurs, potential co-founders, and skilled developers who are looking to make an impact.

What Are Our

"I gained a better understanding of how simple something like a Smart Contract is, as well as specific terminology and use-cases around it. It put me in a position where I had to come up with an idea for my business that everyone seemed to think was good, which was the best thing to come out of the course"

Dawn Pinkney
GM | OkLet'sPlay

Receive post-program support from our resident blockchain experts.

Your experience does not end when the classroom doors close. Open a direct line of communication with our team of resident experts who are ready to guide you further as you continue to grow in the blockchain ecosystem.


Our Upcoming Courses

Blockchain For Business Professionals

Irvine, CA

Dec 1

  • 12/1/2018 - 12/2/2018, Saturday & Sunday | 11:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. | 10 Hours

Blockchain For Business Professionals

Fremont, CA

Dec 8

  • 12/8/2018 - 12/9/2018, Saturday & Sunday | 11:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. | 10 Hours

Streamline your path to success.

Top Blockchain companies and industry experts guide our curriculum.




2 Days

Get the tools you need to build the future you see.

Integrate Blockchain into your business.

Our partners help us foster exciting new careers.

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