About Us

The DEN is proud to be a diverse team of Blockchain Visionaries and Technologists, united by a desire to provide an unmatched quality of education to anyone who dares to think differently.

We Believe Everyone Has
Limitless Potential

Founded in 2017 in the heart of Silicon Valley, The DEN is a growing community of creators and innovators who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise in distributed systems as the technological landscape continues to grow.

Our mission? To become the de facto vehicle for widespread adoption and explosive growth of the Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Ecosystem. With a focus on hands-on, career-transformative education and real world solutions, we provide courses, bootcamps, and events to share our vision for the Decentralized future.

Validation Nodes

Aalok MehtaCo-Founder, COO

Surag ShethCo-Founder, CEO

Chris Gaines Co-Founder, CMO

Elliot Friedman Director, Blockchain Program

Ashwin Ganesh Director, Outreach

Shamod LacoulDirector, Admissions

Anooj DesaiDirector, Content

Advisory Nodes

We grow only with the continuous support of industry professionals, blockchain experts, and thought leaders.

Jason Martin

Rubicon Financial Technologies

Eric Chen

Silicon Valley Tech Council
Constellar Ventures