We Learn By Building Blockchain Products.
In Person.

The DEN Academy provides flexible programs that provides developers with 1 - 2+ years of experience the tools and training you need to launch your new career in the blockchain industry. We believe in learning by building production-ready products.

Part-Time In-Person Courses in Silicon Valley
Take live, project-based courses with access to instant support and feedback from instructors and your peers.
Instructional Staff
We built a curriculum with hands-on, real-world experience taught by instructors from USF, Khols R&D, Aura, 42, Consensys, and More.
Flexible Payments & Scholarships
Flexible payment options lower the barrier to entry in the blockchain industry. We work with the best, and make sure that nothing stands in the way of your success.

Find your career in the
Blockchain Ecosystem

Distributed ledger technology is only as powerful as the people using it. New innovations in the space can only go as far as people know they can dream.

Enter The DEN. A Nexus of Blockchain fanatics united by the desire to give you all of the knowledge, support, mentorship, connections, and opportunity you will need to make your mark in the biggest global development since the internet.

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Not Your Average Instructors.

No one wants to learn from someone who hasn't been where you're trying to go. Our instructors have all been in the trenches and are able to share industry insight you won't find anywhere else.

Not Your Average Students.

Our students are the arbiters of the next generation of digital technology, and are passionate about leading impactful, lucrative careers. Are you one of them?

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We build real products.

We give your ideas wings. Your project is our program. If you don't have an idea, gain experience with one of our many in-house projects.

We Invest In You.

We believe that everyone has limitless potential. Our goal is to make education accessible, and put our money where our mouth is. We only run in-person courses, so we can support you on your journey the entire way.



Blockchain for Developers

The DEN’s Blockchain Developer Bootcamp is designed for software engineers and entrepreneurs who want to develop technical expertise in Blockchain, Ethereum, Smart Contract Development, and Decentralized applications (DApps). Our curriculum has been vetted by notable CTOs and Blockchain developers within our network, ensuring that participants leave with the knowledge and tools required to get hired at Blockchain-focused companies, or build out their own ideas.

Blockchain For Business Leaders

Join fellow entrepreneurs & executives who want to develop personalized expertise in the Blockchain Ecosystem, Smart Contracts, and Decentralized applications (DApps) while working on their own idea. Our 5-Day in-person program is offered over the weekdays during lunch in order to accommodate a professional’s busy schedule. Learn the skills needed to apply Blockchain technology to your industry and build impactful, elegant solutions to both existing and developing problems.

Hyperledger for Developers

Large enterprises are extremely focused on defining and building out effective implementations of distributed ledger technology. Hyperledger developers are in high demand as IBM's contributions to the project have garnered the attention of large companies like Walmart and Southwest Airlines. Spend 4 weeks mastering Hyperledger development and implementation strategies, and become a part of the revolution.

Join Our Community

Just like a Blockchain, our network grows stronger with every node that joins. The DEN's community exists as a hub to facilitate meaningful relationships and foster adoption, inclusiveness, and innovation within the Blockchain ecosystem. Whether you're discussing upcoming protocols at a panel night, introducing friends to the basics of Bitcoin at a Meetup, or working on a new smart contract with your peers at our Open Lab, our community exists to help you reach your goals in this booming industry.

Join our meetup to gain access to our open-sourced introductory courses and dive into the technical and conceptual complexities of Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Distributed Ledger technology. Build your understanding from the ground up and take advantage of everything blockchain technology has to offer. Stay connected to the community by joining our telegram channel!

Our Upcoming Courses

Hyperledger for Developers Bootcamp

Fremont, CA

Jan 19

  • 8 Weeks | Saturdays & Sundays in Fremont, CA | 9 AM - 1 PM | Starting Jan 19th

Blockchain for Developers Bootcamp

Fremont, CA

Jan 22

  • 14 Weeks | Tuesdays & Thursdays in Fremont, CA | 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM | Starting Jan 22nd

Blockchain for Business Leaders Workshop

Fremont, CA

Jan 26

  • 2 Days | Saturdays & Sundays in Fremont, CA | 11 AM - 4 PM | Starting Jan 26th


What Are Our

"Product managers and the business side of a company tend to live in the logic, so understanding the limitations and capabilities of Smart Contracts was really helpful. I was able to absorb aspects of the Ethereum platform that I feel I would have missed or had trouble internalizing without the support of the instructor and my classmates around me."

Yyvette Romero
Product Manager | Bitcasas

Our partners help us foster exciting new careers.

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