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Accelerating Research & Education For The Decentralized Future

The Blockchain Career Accelerator For Software Engineers, Business Professionals, and Entrepreneurs
Based in the Silicon Valley, The Decentralized Education Nexus is more than an in-person educational institute focused on learning through building, it's a community for the decentralized future. We select students through a rigorurous admissions process and train them to Blockchain industry's highest standards. Our courses are led by passionate teachers who want to share their knowledge and expertise in developing distributed and decentralized technologies as the technological landscape continues to evolve.
Adaptive Curriculum

Our courses are designed by industry experts who constantly tailor our curriculum to the ever-evolving problems they experience in their work every day as the landscape continues to evolve

Exposure To Industry Leaders

Through our extensive network, students gain direct access to the biggest names in the industry through events, mentorship sessions, and more.

Connect With Top Employers

We partner with leading companies who can confidently hire our grads knowing they have the real-world skills and experience to immediately make an impact on their team.



Join our community & break down the technical and conceptual complexities of Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Distributed Ledger technology into an easy-to-digest format based on real-world knowledge and applications. We have open sourced our beginner courses so you can build your understanding from the ground up and take advantage of everything blockchain technology has to offer.

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There are currently nearly 14 job openings for every qualified Blockchain engineer. Supercharge your career by developing technical expertise in our immersive or part-time, hands-on engineering bootcamps. Learn to write smart contracts, detect security vunrebilities, industry best practices and building DApps on public & permissioned blockchains. Master your new skills through collaborative projects verified by experts in the industry.

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Business Professionals

Take advantage of the new wave of Blockchain technology and learn how to build decentralized solutions for existing and new business opportunities. Distributed ledger tech is slated to impact or disrupt every major industry, and has created new pathways for entrepreneurs and businesses to innovate across the board. Master the Blockchain ecosystem, brainstorm new solutions for your industry, learn how to plan an ICO, and hire a winning team to bring your product to life.

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Our Upcoming Courses

There are currently 5,000 blockchain developers. By 2020, there will be a global need of over 500,000.

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